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David John Scott

My fiancée and I started For Your Eyes Only as an independent lifestyle brand and a form of creative expression. The products within FYEO range from apparel to accessories and items for the home. The collection also contains exclusive limited edition photographic print collections from Jonathan & Angela Scott.

FYEO products are inspired by my childhood roots in Africa and my professional career as a Graphic Designer. The designs combine primitive motifs with a modern, contemporary aesthetic. FYEO is bold, unconventional, and often provocative. Each design appeals to everyone in a unique and personal way – hence the name 'For Your Eyes Only'.

Our commitment is to design and produce items in the most conscious and sustainable manner possible. Quality is of the utmost importance. Each piece will be produced in small editions to begin with, in order to ensure that they meet the highest possible standard.

Currently, the brand is just beginning, but we've never been more excited to design more and more products to share with supporters of the brand. Follow along with us as we prototype more collections and provide us with feedback along the way!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being a part of FYEO.

– David & Tori